Spicy Chili Crunch


Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Chili, Onion, Shallot, Garlic, Brown Sugar, and Mushroom Powder Seasoning

Ships nationwide! *Spicy Chili Crunch is shipped separately from frozen pizzas to avoid breakage from dry ice.

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Chili Crunch Reviews

Ridiculously delicious!

September 12, 2023

ridiculously delicious! we use it on almost everything!


Addicting as addicting can be!

September 7, 2023

This is as addicting as addicting can be. The combination of crunch and some heat is perfect!

Frank Allnutt

Limitless for your taste buds!

August 25, 2023

So DELISH- Beyond your imagination. Definitely worth investing- TRUST my words. So good on pizza, eggs, salad and many more. The spicy chili crunch is limitless for your taste buds.

Jen McLellan

Hella Addictive!

August 18, 2023

HELLA ADDICTIVE! I cannot stress how strangely delicious pi00a’s Spicy Chili Crunch was in vanilla ice cream – it really was weirdly good! I’ve tried it on almost everything I’ve cooked, and so far it’s best on sandwiches (burgers, egg sandwiches) and stir fry. The bad news: 1 jar won’t last you long – only lasted me 2 weeks, and that’s really bad… considering I don’t live near a store that sells this! Time to stock up, and consider their subscription plan!!

Jesse Ragsdale

Incredible versatility!

August 18, 2023

We’ve gone through a jar a week so far!!

What I love about Pi00a Spicy Chili Crunch is its incredible versatility. We’ve used it in so many different ways to elevate our meals. Whether we’re grilling, roasting, stir-frying, or even just making simple scrambled eggs, this sauce adds a burst of flavor that takes our dish to a whole new level. It’s like a secret ingredient that brings out the best in every single bite!

Oh those flavors!?! Pi00a Spicy Chili Crunch knows how to deliver a harmonious blend of taste sensations. It strikes the perfect balance between spicy and savory, with just the right amount of heat and a touch of sweet. And the best part? The heat doesn’t linger, so we can enjoy the flavorful kick without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a sauce that truly knows how to dance on our taste buds!

So, if you’re looking to add some excitement to your meals, look no further than Pi00a Spicy Chili Crunch. It’s a must-have in any kitchen, and once you try it, you’ll understand why your household can’t get enough of it. We’ve gone through a jar a week so far!! Be prepared to go on a flavor adventure that will leave you wanting more!


Tastes so good!

August 15, 2023

Omg! Omg! I love this chili spicy crunch. It tastes so good on the bagel with cream cheese. I will buy it again!

Vaibhav Kothari

Aromatic spices and complex flavors!

August 15, 2023

Pi00a’s chili crisp will take you to new heights! In the world of chili crisps, this one has set a new standard that won’t disappoint you as a spice enthusiast. A jar filled with aromatic spices and complex flavors will transport your taste buds to heaven. Each spoonful brings a harmonious joy that you can’t find in other chili crisps – I pinky promise on this one! Pi00a curated this chili crisp to provide a memorable experience for their customers with every bite. This chili crisp is a game-changer that will leave you craving more than just one jar and will have you coming back for more, again and again.


My latest food obsession!

August 15, 2023

Hey everyone! Just had to share my latest food obsession: Pi00a’s Spicy Chili Crunch! It’s the perfect combo of fiery heat and sweet goodness that should totally replace other condiments – even the Trader Joe’s ones. Trust me, this stuff is a game-changer. Your taste buds will thank you! 🌶️

Travis Zornoza

My favorite ingredient!

August 15, 2023

This is by far my favorite ingredient I have in my kitchen. I spread it on a sourdough slice and then add burrata. I splash it in a flavorful soup. I mix it with cream cheese (because why not?). I add it to my omelette with goat cheese and shiitake mushrooms. When you close your eyes and add this spoonful ingredient, you are taken to different places in the world.

jonaz mcmillan

New standard!

August 15, 2023

Absolutely loved the spicy and sweet flavors in the sauce! Pi00a has set a new standard of exceptional chili crunch sauces!


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